Enter the Death Park

You wake to a gruesome warning, and a message saying you are about to die. Playing as one mind in a Commune, living for four hours each day, can you discover who is threatening you, and why?

Immerse yourself in the world of FIVE MINDS, where you will meet and interact with characters from the novel.

Or, for a shorter experience, play one of the games from within the Death Park.

Revillagigedo Island

You are in control of a nuclear submarine stranded at the bottom of the Behm Canal, Alaska.

You must make difficult decisions as to who lives and who dies – whilst trying to avert a nuclear disaster. 

Flight to Danger

As you relax into your First Class seat, you learn that a bomb has been smuggled aboard your aircraft. From limited information, you must identify and neutralise the bomber.

You have twenty minutes.

New York

On the Brooklyn Bridge, a woman hands you her phone – then falls to her death.

As you are forced into making ever more terrible choices, you must work out who is manipulating you, and why.